Prosthetic teeth: Natural & Healthy teeth

Prosthetic teeth: Natural & Healthy teeth

Dental prosthetics is a dentistry sector that deals with the loss of natural teeth. Loss due to caries, periodontal disease, accident or even aged causes functional problems such as chewing or speech problems and cosmetic problems such as alteration of the patient’s physical features, aging appearance and the need to replenish the losses artificially, in order to help the patient’s immediate psychological uplift and to boost his/her self-confidence and self-esteem.

Purpose of prosthetic teeth

The purpose of each teeth prosthesis is to fully restore the functionality of the mouth and to achieve as much of a natural cosmetic effect as possible in order to give our patients as many smiles as possible. Prosthetıc dentıstry, depending on the case includes:

Crowns – Cases

To protect the toothed or sensitive teeth.

Porcelain bridges

To replace one or more teeth. The bridges are based on at least 2 teeth and remain firmly bonded in the mouth.

Partial or full dentures

Mobile constructed dentures specially designed for self-removal and repositioning.
They are mainly chosen in cases where there is a great loss of natural teeth and there are no natural teeth – as bases for bridges.