Dr. Papakonstantinou Efthymios, Dental Surgeon: Biography

My name ıs Efthimios Papakonstantinou, I was born in Athens and after finishing high school in Amfissa,  I  studied from 1996 to 2002 at the "Victor Babes" Dentistry  School U.M.F.T. in Timisoara, Romania.

In 2003 I was admitted to the Doctoral program of the same university, in the subject of Periodontology. After finishıng my doctoral dissertation in 2009, I was also awarded the title of Unıversity Doctor in Periodontology.

At the same time, I had worked at the Aigio hospital from 2002 to 2006 and attended postgraduate programs in dental implants. In 2006, I opened my private dental clinic in Agios Sostis (N. Kosmos, Athens) which I operate to this day.

I am a member of the Dental Association of Athens and continue to participate in and attend seminars, conferences, and workshops on dental science and its progress.